About us

This blog is created, maintained and written entirely by Nathan Woodham, unless otherwise stated. Rights to the name “The Review Dumpster” belong to him. All images have been labeled for reuse by the original owners or are heavily modified.


Our goal is to provide quality reviews that put the spotlight on the films, television shows, video games and music that deserve it and a greasier, less-attractive spotlight on the content that definitely does not deserve it.

We just want to let the industries know what works and what ends up being a steaming pile of garbage.

Our review system

Here’s how it works: we’re dumpster diving for the best and worst that the movie, music and gaming industries have to offer. We don’t give a number out of five stars, we simply compare each movie, video game or album to something that you would find in a dumpster.

For example, if the Tommy Wiseau movie The Room were to receive a poor review, we’d compare it to a moldy, half-eaten prune. Likewise, if we were to give a glowing review to the Rare video game Banjo-Kazooie, we’d compare it to a mint-condition VCR player.